Emergency Volunteer Network

Building a national infrastructure of rapid-response volunteers.

Disaster is spontaneous.
Volunteering shouldn't be. 

We're a nonprofit striving to change how volunteering happens in the immediate aftermath of disaster, specifically when volunteers are needed with less than 24 hours' notice. We're on a mission to develop a national, universally accessible solution that makes it easy for disaster relief coordinators in critical need of volunteers to get the right number of them and their skills quickly and with little administrative burden. By building a bare-bones transactional SMS and email alert system that connects coordinators of local relief efforts directly with members of the Emergency Volunteer Network, we will eliminate the need for a preexisting relationship between the two parties.

Video: Be a hero for your community.

Video: Partnering with existing voluntary organizations.

EVN is seeking partnerships with existing volunteering programs across the nation that are interested in enhancing their ability to respond rapidly and effectively to urgent need. Interested organizations should inquire here.

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